Ethereum Fund Platform – ETFereum

This is a unique project for Investing Ethereum cryptocurrency and getting daily profit from 2.5% to 5%. The Etfereum project is based on the advanced Blockchain Ethereum technology and offers you a lifetime income of 2.5% to 5% per day. The system of distributing funds among participants is based on an autonomous smart contract. Invest easily and safely! Smart contracts are computer programs that detail the conditions under which a transaction or transfer of tokens will occur, and executes them accordingly. They are the user interface of the blockchain. To participate in the project, you need to send ETH cryptocurrency from your Ethereum wallet to the smart contract address. Ethereum smart contract remembers the address of the investor’s wallet and charges its owner % every hour of the amount of your Deposit, which gives you the opportunity to withdraw your % at any time convenient for you. Your investments are guaranteed to be insured by the Ethereum Blockchain system, an open source smart contract. A smart contract is integrated into the Ethereum Blockchain and cannot be modified or deleted(repossession).

The ethereum interest rate of the Ethereum Fund fund has a progressive rising coefficient depending on the stages of the project. Smart contract has a unique algorithm for charging interest to the investor every hour. This function is made for the convenience of depositors, and withdrawal of interest at any time convenient for you, minimizing the risk of losing the balance of interest per day. The investor who has reached 200% payments (100% deposit + 100% profit) from the deposit (doubled his investments) is eliminated from the fund automatically, the smart contract removes the address of his wallet. The qualitative development of any project largely depends on the active position of its participants. Recommend Ethereum Funds on social networks and other advertising platforms, and earn an additional reward. When making the every deposit, the referral must indicate your wallet in the data field.

Your funds are controlled by the safest system invented by human beings until now. The Blockchain technology of smart contracts guarantees fair performance of obligations by all contract parties.Instant payments